California Wildlife Day

Did you know that the California State Senate and Assembly have recently passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 23 by Senator Bill Monning establishing California Wildlife Day on March 20th?  We were lucky to learn all about this at our last few Community Service Committee meetings. This special day will fall on the Spring Equinox each year and serves as a reminder to protect the extraordinary native plants and wildlife in our state.

Together we discussed what we can do as a community to help our students recognize the importance of the native wildlife right here in our canyon. How can we bring awareness to the watershed that brings us all together as one? How can we empower our students to honor nature in humility and learn we can only survive if we co-exist? What can we teacher our children about Indian rituals and ways of communicating, listening, understanding and respecting nature given the history of the Canyon, the Marquez family and the watershed over the past 100 years. Do our children have awareness of what plants and animals live amongst us in our own community? How does the watershed effect those plants and animals?

There are so many opportunities in our community to share and learn with our families including spending a day at the Malibu Tidepools, attending a Heal the Bay program or beach clean up day, visiting the California Wildlife Center in Malibu, taking a nature walk through Temescal or Rustic Canyon… the opportunities are endless.

There are many more global ways you can help California wildlife including volunteering with an organization that helps them such as: your local chapter of California Audubon, California State Parks, and, of course, California Wildlife Center   

Tomorrow is the first ever California Wildlife Day!  I was able to honor it with a lengthy hike in Malibu with friends. We took time to really take in the beauty of our surroundings....the abundance of wildflowers, red-tailed hawks soaring over our heads, sunbathing lizards, fresh running water and so much more. I hope that together we are teaching our children the importance of our environments and how lucky we are to be surrounded by such natural beauty. How are you planning on honoring California Wildlife Day?