Canyon Kids are College Bound!

This Friday the students and staff of Canyon will be celebrating “College Awareness Day”, a Student Council organized event. One of our goals in LAUSD and at Canyon is that ALL students are college and career ready when they graduate from our district. This begins at the preschool level and runs throughout the students' educational experience. All that we do and all decisions made should be based on this premise. All goals, objectives and decisions will be based on this purpose. Our students deserve, and we should demand, nothing less.

On Friday, May 5th  we are asking students to come to school wearing something that represents their path to college (where they would like to go, where someone in their family went, etc.). This can include a t-shirt, hat, jersey, sticker, headband, handmade sign, etc.  Together we will celebrate the unlimited choices out there for our students.

In addition to the theme dress day, Student council is asking all Canyon students to design their own college pennants to represent their future goal(s) as a college-bound student.  Directions for the pennant are attached to it and will be coming home on Monday.  They should turn them in to their teacher some time before Friday.

It’s never too early to talk to our children about their future goals and dreams. Talk to your kids about their academic paths to college and careers. Encourage them to talk to teachers, family, friends and neighbors about their education paths.

Some discussion starts may include:

College - Where did you go to college? Why did you choose that school?

Career - What did you want to be when you were young?

College - What was your major/minor? What was your favorite class?

Career - What made you decide to go into your current field?

College - What activities were you involved in during college? Did you work/intern during college?

Career - What skill has been most valuable to you in your career? Where did you learn that skill?

College - Talk about daily college life (where you lived, class schedule, studying, lecture/lab).

Career - Is continuous learning an important part of what you do? Why? How do you continue to learn?

College – What are some of the traditions at your college? What was the mascot?

Career - What is the most satisfying part of your career?

Canyon students come from a wide variety of cultural, economic, ethnic, language, racial, and social backgrounds. It is essential that together we begin to prepare students to attend college or other post-secondary educational programs and to inform them that there is a college that will support almost every interest or career goal that a student has. Because…

Canyon kids are college bound!