Come join us for Walk to School Day!

Join your friends and neighbors as Canyon Charter Elementary joins the in on International Walk to School Day on Wednesday, October 5, 2016. Walk to School Day is an annual event that encourages physical activity among children and youth. It is a way for parents, students, school personnel and other community members to directly experience the walk to school as they walk with students on the day of the event. It often generates wider teaching about the importance of physical activity, awareness of the benefits of walking, and early identification of safety concerns.

Walking to school has so many great benefits:

  • Reduces traffic around schools
  • Helps to improve air quality
  • Builds stronger school and community partnerships
  • Builds awareness for safer ways to school
  • Help students live healthy lifestyles
  • Focus schools, parents and city agencies on ways to solve safety concerns

Walk to School Day provides a first step for addressing these conditions by fostering a culture that prioritizes safety for all people walking, particularly those in school zones. We hope that your family will join many other Canyon families for this special Citywide Walk-tober event on Wednesday, October 5th!