Middle School Articulation

As part of the Palisades Complex of School’s ongoing collaboration with Revere Middle School, this year we incorporated the elementary teachers visiting the middle school and the middle school teachers visiting the elementary schools. After an eye-opening visit to Revere, Mr. Stoll and Mrs. Watson opened up their own classrooms to 6th grade Revere teachers Eric Matsu and Jeremy Alpert.

Mr. Matsu and Mr. Alpert spent the day with our students and learning about a day in the life of a Canyon 5th grader. They joined them in their classrooms for language arts and math lessons, spent part of the morning at PE and got to visit our science lab with Mr. Veero. The most powerful part of the day was when Mr. Matsu and Mr. Alpert conducted a “middle school Q & A” session with the students. They talked to the students about the middle school experience and what they could do to be well prepared for next year. They gave simple suggestions such as practicing using a combination padlock so students would be prepared for lockers with combos, how to organize your materials, what to bring to class, etc. They stressed to students that they expect them to be well organized when they come to class so that instructional time would not be wasted. They shared information about the homework load and expectations for completion as well as about how the teachers collaborate to ensure that each student’s workload is balanced. Our students learned about a “tardy sweep” and the importance of getting to class on time each period. Mr. Matsu and Mr. Alpert answered many questions from our 5th graders. I think it was a great opportunity for our students to make some human connections with actual teachers from the middle school since at this time, middle school is still somewhat of an abstract concept for many of them.

Mr. Matsu and Mr. Alpert were very impressed with our students. They shared that they appreciated listening to the dialog between our teachers and students. They appreciated that our students spoke in complete sentences and that they were asked to expand on their responses and explain their thinking. It was great to hear them share that in their time at Revere, that the Canyon (and other Palisades complex school) students are recognizable and that we are doing a superb job in preparing them for their middle school experience.

This was just one part of the Palisades Complex’s ongoing commitment to try to prepare our students for the transition from Canyon to middle school. I believe that this added component of having the teachers come to us was a very valuable experience not only for Mr. Stoll and Mrs. Watson, but for the students as well.

Please mark your calendars for “Ready, Set, Revere” to be held on Saturday, May 20th. This is just another great opportunity to find out more about the exceptional teaching and learning that is going on at our feeder middle school. We value our collaboration with Revere and appreciate that many of our students thrive there after leaving Canyon.