Please join us!

I hope to see you on Thursday evening for our Open House and Science Fair.  The classrooms will be open between 5:30-7:00pm and the science fair will be held in the auditorium between 6:00-7:00.

This is a great opportunity to see all of the hard work that your child has done this year.   Canyon students have worked hard and have made many great accomplishments this year. This evening provides an opportunity for them to show off for you.  

Please make sure that your child stays with you for the evening. Think of them as your "tour guide" as they show you around their classroom and the science fair.  Students should not be running around campus, on the playground, etc. as there is not additional supervision that night. This is a family event for you to enjoy with your child(ren).

As always, please be respectful of our neighbors as you park around campus.  There will be a lot of cars at school so make sure that you are not blocking driveways, parking in red, j-walking with your child(ren), making illegal u-turns, etc.  Let's all help to make this a safe and memorable evening for everyone. 

I hope to see you on Thursday evening!