Wear Orange on Wednesday!

This month is recognized by schools and communities throughout the world as a time to come together to raise awareness for bullying prevention, to educate ourselves and others on the pernicious effects of bullying, and to recognize our roles and responsibilities in addressing this serious issue.

This week Canyon staff and students will participate in Unity Week where we will be having discussions and participating in activities about bullying prevention. We will kick off the week with a school-wide assembly called “Bully Busters”. Throughout the week students will participate in activities such as adding leaves to our school’s Unity Tree, writing positive messages for a school-wide unity chain, class lessons on the effects of harmful words with an activity called “The Bruised Apple” and more. Students will learn how to watch for signs of bullying, how to refrain from being a bully, how they can impact our school’s culture about bullying and how to support a friend who feels that they are being bullied. The week will conclude with all students receiving an orange “Kindness Counts” bracelet to show their commitment to keeping Canyon a bully free zone.

We are asking our students and staff to wear orange on Wednesday, National Unity Day. That’s the day everyone can come together – in schools, communities, and online – and send one large ORANGE message of support, hope, and unity to show that we are together against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Since 2006, the event has grown to an entire month of education and awareness activities worldwide. I encourage you to do your part to help extinguish this trend and promote healthy and safe schools and communities. You can learn more about Unity Day at http://www.pacer.org/bullying.

Thanks for your commitment to making Canyon not only physically safe, but emotionally safe, for our children as well!