Richard Cohen on What Parents Need to Know About Technology and the Brain Development of their Child

Speaker: Richard B. Cohen, LMFT, MAC, CDVC, CCBT
Date: April 29th, 2016
Time: 8:45am, after morning assembly 
Location: The Canyon Auditorium

About Richard B. Cohen

Richard is a renowned psychotherapist, certified cognitive behavioral specialist, master addictions counselor and award winning treatment program developer. 

A leading innovator of mental health delivery services in Southern California since 1975, he is the founder and CEO of Of One Mind Innovative Behavioral Health, Addiction, and Educational Resources

Richard’s innovative and successful program models are modeled nationally, and he has received awards for his Programs of Excellence on both coasts. 

He has co-founded, with Dr. Don Grant and Robert D Cohen, LMFT, one of the earliest innovative Technology Abuse and Addiction Programs in the nation that was specifically developed  for tweens, teens and young adults. 

Richard is an outspoken advocate for parents strategically managing  all technology use while their developing child’s brain is under construction.

He is particularly known for his creative skills in groundbreaking program design and the implementation of psychotherapeutic strategies in over 20 years of dedicated work with individuals, families, and larger social support networks.”

A discretionary donation is suggested for this event. All proceeds will be donated by Richard Cohen to The Village Family Services 

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