December/January Blog

Biography Book Report and Research Writing Project

Students are learning to backwards plan this assignment and complete tasks that include getting parent initials on a weekly basis.  The biography investigated will relate to the theme from Unit 1: Taking a Stand from our language arts series.  It will connects to both writing skills standards and social studies standards focused on “our nation.”  Biography Book Report and Research Writing Project was assigned on December 5, 2016. 


Students will be working on this project in class and at home.  I will be modeling each phase of the report process: note taking skills, reading for  information, outlining, and moving through the stages of a writing project. Students will be expected to work on this project during the timeline provided.  They should get a project folder to hold their student information packets and notes as they travel between home and school. Please note that there are several due dates that require your initials (you are verifying that you are aware of where the student is in our process).

Homework Planner

I want to stress the importance of writing homework down in student planners.  This system is meant to develop an important skill for middle school.  Although I have tried to ensure that all students write their work in their planners, several students have begun to leave planners at home and/or decide that they will try to “remember” the homework for the day.  As you can imagine, it becomes challenging to monitor all 28 planners for detail and clarity on a daily basis.  It would be helpful if you take a look at your child’s planners on occasion and provide them with your assessment about the quality of the entry.

Monday After School Homework Session

Room 10 will be open from 3:00-3:45 on Mondays for homework help.  This is a voluntary program that is NOT graded or “policed.”  Students are responsible for remembering to stay for the study session.  Students who stay will begin homework during the study session.  I WILL ALWAYS SEND THE HOMEWORK completed during the session HOME for parent review.  

Robot Missions