Mindset in Room 16











Dear Parents,

In Room 16 we practice Mindset. Mindset is an idea that has been researched for many years by various psychologists and scholars. In a child's academic growth, the type of mindset they use during their learning practice can greatly boost their academic success.

There are two different kinds of Mindsets. One is the fixed mindset, which are traits that are fixed in a child's mind with very little room for change. There is more time spent on recording their academic intelligence or other talents, instead of improving them.

In a growth mindset, children know that there is the potential of improving and reaching success through their hard efforts and dedication (The Iceberg Illusion above shows an example of this). 

To read more about fixed mindset vs. growth mindset, please read the document attached below. Happy reading!

If you want more information, visit this site.