Sherry Ikebe

I am thrilled to be back at Canyon for my 15th year.  I am excited to be teaching 2nd graders again this year. I am looking forward to building an environment of fun and academic success in my classroom and hope to make this year a special year for each and every child.

I was born and grew up in San Jose and moved to Los Angeles after high school to complete my college degree. I received my Bachelor's in English from UCLA and my CLAD Teaching Credential from Cal. State Northridge.

My interests include: Reading, writing, music, basketball, running, art and foods! In my free time, I try to visit my 94 year old Granny, 14 year-old niece Kailey, 12 year-old nephew Tyler, and 8 year old nephew Ryan, as well as the rest of my family up north in San Jose and Sacramento.