Optional Homework

Winter Vacation Homework

Due: Monday, January 9th, 2017


Dear Students,

              During the winter vacation holiday, you may choose to keep a “Vacation Travel Log.” This is an optional assignment but I encourage each of you to participate. You are welcome to record your daily travels and experiences in your log. For example, you may choose to write about a trip to the grocery store, movies, play date, trip to Grandma’s house or the shopping mall. Anywhere you travel to or anything you do, can be recorded. You may choose to write in the log daily, or you may choose to write in it once a week, but when you make an entry, I would like you to follow the following format…

  1. Date
  2. Description of activity (What did you do today?)
  3. Setting (Where were you? Where did you travel to?)
  4. Participants (Who was there with you?)
  5. Colored picture of the event

Have fun! You may even choose to collect souvenir items of the places you have traveled to along the way. Store them in a box or “treasure chest” and share them with us on Monday when we come back to class!


Miss Ikebe

P.S. You are always welcome to READ a good book, work on Lexia, and Dreambox!