Welcome to The Green Corner

Welcome to The Green Corner.

The purpose of The Green Corner is to make small green changes at Canyon. We believe that the children love taking ownership of their planet, and would enjoy engaging in everyday tasks that make big differences in the health of the planet. 

The goals of The Green Corner are as follows:

  • to reduce the amount of trash we produce at lunch
  • to feature easy and eco-friendly lunch ideas and tips for greener living
  • to offer eco-friendly products that you can buy on campus

The Green Corner is open to anyone who wants to participate. Participation would mean collaborating on ideas for making the campus greener, sending tips and tricks for greener living to the community via the Green Corner blog, and just joining the Green Corner team that actively moves the campus toward greener behavior. 

We know there are lots of people out there who have simple green ways of living that we could all use. Use the comment section below to share ideas and make Canyon as green as it can be.

To participate in the Green Corner, please contact Julie Rasgon.


I LOVE this new movement for Canyon, to make us all more conscious of our actions. Here’s my tip for the day: when Coco comes home with a half full water bottle, we dump the extra water into our house plants, rather than down the drain. Someone told me that, it’s my new fave tip!

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