Three GREEN things I'm digging' right now...

Hi Canyon!

I can't quit talking about a few GREEN resources that I think are so great!

The first one is a website called FREECYCLE. This has been one of the best ways to give away things my family no longer needs.

For example: my kids cleaned out the game cupboard, and then I posted to that I had a box of games available. That same day a dad of 4 kids picked the box up from my driveway! He was grateful to have new games and I was happy that they were going to a good home!

The next one is THREDUP, which is online shopping for used clothing. I got a $400 dress with tags still on it for $55. They also have kids' clothes AND you can sell the clothes you don't need to them. No need to buy retail; there is plenty of clothes already in circulation!

The last great item is my kitchen counter compost bin. Did you know that you can compost in the green can (the one for yard waste) in Santa Monica? Between recycling and composting I have very little trash. You would be amazed at what you can compost!

Information and a very informative quiz on recycling can be found at

Please send me any tips you may have for living a greener life!

"Live more- use less" 

Julie Rasgon

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