About Governing Council & Representatives

Canyon School is administered by the Governing Council, the school's decision-making body, which is made up of teachers, parents and guardians, administrators, and other staff. The Governing Council reviews and advises on new programs and activities at the school. The Council then asks Booster Club to raise funds to implement their decisions.

The members of the 2017-18 Governing Council include:

Amy Hopper (Community Member) 
Maya Forbes (Parent)
Julie Lee (Parent)
Mona Huizar (Teacher)
Doug Stoll (Teacher)
Tamara Gorman (Teacher)
Nicole Sheard (Administrator)
Barbara Blake (Classified)
Akimi Sujishi-Watson (UTLA Rep.)

1. Miranda Farag (parent)
2. Kikka Hanazawa (parent)
3. Lisa Riddle (teacher)
4. Kellie Howard (teacher)

To contact a parent representative about concerns or ideas you wish to make known to the council, email govboard@canyoncharter.com or contact one of the parent representatives directly.

All parents and guardians are eligible to run for an elected position on the Governing Council. Elections are held in May.

Governing Council - Parent Representatives

Amy Hopper (Voting Member, 2016-2018)
When we moved to this neighborhood, 4 years ago, I realized what a special place it was, and immediately embraced the community by joining BOCA, helping Rustic Canyon Park with Rustic Nights, becoming a board member of the SMCCA, while being Annual Giving Director for 2 years at Canyon and, last year, serving as the Canyon Booster Club President. As Annual Giving Director, I became more involved with Governing Council and as President I implemented some new ideas and goals. I worked hard to reinforce the relationship between Booster Club and Governing Council, to return the business of creating and enforcing policy to Governing Council, while leaving fundraising to the Booster Club, and re-establishing a budget committee comprised of Booster leadership, administration, teachers and Governing Council representatives. As an elected Governing Council Representative, I want to continue to encourage the important connection between Governing Council and Booster Club, and continue to act as a liaison between Canyon Charter School and the Canyon community.

Julie Lee (Voting Member, 2016-18)
My name is Julie Lee.  I am a mother of three, Audrey (2nd), Vivian (TK) and Claire (age 4).  I have a Masters in Public Health with a concentration on families and communities.  I was an attorney with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission before taking time off to manage our household.  Over the past two years, I have gotten to know and love our school as a room parent and frequent volunteer at all our great functions. We have many years of elementary school left so I am very invested and committed in making sure Canyon continues to be a fantastic school.

Maya Forbes (Voting Member, 2017-19)
My name is Maya Forbes and my son, Hackley Wolodarsky, is a 2nd grader in Maisha Harris's class. Our family has been at Canyon for a very long time. We definitely know how to deal with lice! I have two daughters who graduated from Canyon - Clementine is headed to UCLA in the fall; Imogene is in 9th grade at Marlborough School and was a founding member of The Friendly Fifth Graders and president of Canyon in 5th grade. My desire to serve on Governing Council stems from my love of Canyon and our wonderful teachers and my desire to do all I can to support the nurturing, humane environment they have provided for our children. I am so grateful for all the enrichment at Canyon.  It has been eye-opening to me, through my three children, to see intimately how different programs speak to different kids. There is no one-size-fits-all. Canyon provides children with a variety of learning opportunities and I want to promote that. I appreciate the utility of Digital Learning but feel strongly that human interaction is paramount for young children and will work to preserve those programs. As for my own educational background, I attended six schools from K-12, both public and private, and graduated from Harvard in 1990. I am a writer/director and I work with my husband, Wally Wolodarsky. I would be honored to work on behalf of the best possible education for our kids and the health of our amazing school.

Miranda Farag (Alternate, 2017-2018)
Michael and I started at Canyon in the Fall of 2012 when our oldest son Jacob started in First Grade. We have been active in volunteering our time and finances to support Canyon Charter in a variety of ways for the past 5 years. I have been a room mom for Jacob’s class when he was in 2nd grade, for Isaac & Chloe in TK and for Mrs. Hamilburg in K-1. I have also co-chaired the Canyon Pumpkin Patch for the past two years. I look forward to another opportunity in which I can work more directly with the staff and faculty of our amazing school.

Kikka Hanazawa (Alternate, 2017-18) 
When we moved to Los Angeles 3 years ago, we fell in love with Canyon Charter School and its neighborhood. In the last two years I started helping the Booster Club as Treasurer and as a member of the Budget Committee of the Governing Council. Together with the Booster leadership team, I have worked hard to strengthen the finances of our Booster Club, to improve the governance and functioning of the club, and to modernize the infrastructure necessary for the club to keep raising the funds required for our children’s education. 

My involvement with the Booster Club has provided me a great deal of exposure to the challenges facing public schools particularly in LA. Recognizing the lack of finances needed to prepare children for the future I've dedicated my own business to help solve this problem with an allocation of revenues to fund classrooms directly across the US, to support projects including science, math and technology. Since my two year term as Treasurer is ending, as an elected Governing Council Representative, I would be privileged to have the opportunity to continue building the strong fiscal partnership between the Governing Council and the Booster Club.