Annual Giving 2016-2017

Booster Club is the fundraising arm of Canyon Charter School, a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. Through Annual Giving and three major annual fundraisers, our goal is to raise $1,500 per student to support various programs above and beyond those provided through Los Angeles Unified School District. 

The chart below shows how much of your child's education is funded thorough your participation. All the green areas below are paid by Booster Club.  

The most important first step toward our goal of raising $1500/child is Annual Giving Campaign. Below are several options to help you give what you can. 

The suggested donation per child is $1,200. We offer all levels of giving. Our goal is to have 100% of families participate in this campaign. We also offer a monthly installment plan you can choose this year ($120/child per month). Please click on the link to learn more (you can register this for the month of October only).

The patron levels of $5000, $10,000 or a discretionary amount are opportunities for you to express your generosity because you appreciate the exceptional education Canyon provides and are able to give more. 

A donation above our requested amount helps cover costs for the many families who cannot afford the full amount.

The reason Canyon Charter School is such a special school is because of well-rounded education we provide, helping kids find their passion. So...what's your passion? 

Name Your Donation Amount
Do you have a specific amount you would like to donate to Canyon School? Here is an opportunity to name your donation amount and make a difference.

Canyon Booster Club Fundraising Looks Like This
The most frequent question we're asked is, "what does Booster Club fundraising pay for at Canyon?" Rather than list the endless programs, educators, instruction and enrichment that goes into a year of Booster Club expenditures, watch it all in action now. 

Canyon Charter Video from Fusion Studios on Vimeo.