Annual Giving FAQs

Q: If I have one child at Canyon, and spend $1200 at, for example, the Auction (or any other event), does that count as what’s expected of me for participation in Annual Giving this year?

A: While everything that you choose to give is tremendously appreciated and welcomed, we anticipate that you will give $1200 per child in Annual Giving donations, plus approximately $300 per child additionally through other fundraising efforts. Use this as your guardrails for giving throughout the year. And if you can afford to stretch just a bit, this is the place to do it, where your children will literally feel the difference.

Q: How exactly are the dollars raised at Canyon spent?

A: Here’s the complete breakdown of our 2016-17 academic year spending (download):

Q: Can I give less than $1200 per child in annual donations to the school?

A: Of course you can. Please donate only what works for your family. There are many other ways to contribute to this remarkable school, including volunteerism in the classrooms and at fundraising events, representation and leadership on various committees, and providing goods or services consistently needed to support our campus. And, keep in mind that soliciting donations for the school in cash or goods is just as important as any direct donation you may give.

Q: This is a public school, why am I asked to give so much?

A: While we are funded by LAUSD as a public school, based on enrollment and attendance, the families at Canyon Charter School hold our school to a higher standard on many fronts. Our charter status allows us to raise funds that are used directly on enrichment programs at Canyon Charter School. These programs are not available in your typical LAUSD public school. And remember that donations are tax deductible, whereas in contrast, a tuition payment to a private school is not. Lastly, funding for education has been drastically cut over the years, with less of your tax dollars directed at public education. Further, California has contributed less on a per student basis than nearly any other state in the union.


Q: Are there any other options for Annual Giving donations in lieu of cash?

A: We've recently developed an exciting NEW option for Annual Giving: donating some stocks. Contact Vesa Tontti to learn more about how to take part in this Annual Giving option.

Q: Does every penny donated to Canyon Charter School get spent on Canyon Charter School?

A: Every single penny raised by Canyon Charter School is spent on Canyon Charter School, everything from small requirements such as insurance and charter foundation dues to large game-changing decisions like classroom size reduction measures and digital learning investments. Typically about 90% is spent on program expenses that benefit students directly, and 10% is spent on administrative expenses to run these programs.

Q: Are 5th grade fundraisers different than Annual Giving and other fundraising events?

A: Yes, they are. 5th grade fundraisers, run by the 5th graders themselves, are efforts to raise money from the entire school to support special 5th grade programs like Astro Camp, graduation events, and more. Your children will enjoy these special programs when they reach 5th grade at Canyon Charter School.

Q: How can I learn more about how money is raised and distributed at Canyon Charter School?

A: Seek out and talk to an Annual Giving committee member. Also, we encourage you to attend our Booster Club meetings to get visibility into the regular decisions and monetary disbursements made by our governing body. Here is the google presentation of the most recent treasurer's report.