Booster Club Board Members

The 2016-2017 Booster Club is comprised of all parent/guardians and the following board members whose job it is to ensure that the funds will be raised to support the mission of the school charter as well as fostering a sense of community among the parent body.

President: Morina Lichstein
(Elected for a 2 year term, first term as President Elect and second term as President) The President supervises, directs and controls the activities, affairs and officers of the Booster Club. The President oversees the broad range of Booster activities, runs the Booster Club meetings, works with Canyon’s Administration and Governing Board, and leads the Booster Club’s mission to provide funding for programs that enhance the education of students at Canyon School.

President-Elect: Beth Price
(Elected for a 2 year term, first term as President Elect and second term as President)
The president elect serves as a supporting role for all of the president’s responsibilities. The president elect is elected with the understanding that the first year will be a training year and the president elect will assume the role of the president in the second year. 

Secretary: Kim Weybright
The secretary takes and records the minutes of every Booster Club meeting. The secretary posts the minutes on the bulletin board and distributes them to the parent body via school-wide e-mails and the website. The secretary also gives notice of all upcoming meetings. 

Treasurer: Kikka Hanazawa
(Appointed for a 2 year term) The Treasurer maintains complete and accurate record of all Booster Club financial activities.  This includes overseeing outside bookkeeper, writing and depositing checks, facilitating preparation of tax return and ensuring that Booster programs are in line with budget. The treasurer also oversees the Annual Giving Campaign.

Directors of Annual Giving: Deborah Stein Tractenberg & Lara Haselhoff
The Director(s) is responsible for overseeing the largest portion of our fundraising campaign, direct giving, which is a school year long campaign.  One of the primary goals of the Annual Giving Campaign is to raise necessary funds for the Booster Club’s operating budget and to seek 100% family participation in order that all students benefit from the support of the community.  This person oversees the process of communicating to currently enrolled families, alumni and/or the surrounding community in order to seek direct donations to our Booster Club.  Responsibilities include sending letters to our community soliciting contributions, trying to reach 100% participation from all currently enrolled families, reporting to the Booster Club on the success of the Annual Giving Campaign and to oversee the entire campaign.

Director of Communication: Elissa Robins
This director coordinates information and ensures ongoing communication between The Chronicle, the website, school wide e-mails and the Room Parents. In addition, this director oversees production of the Handbook, the calendar and the Canyon Online Directory.

Director of Community Events: Christie Goren
This director coordinates the many smaller activities, some of which are fundraisers, including: Back-to-School Picnic, Book Fair, Pumpkin Patch, Open House, Teacher Appreciation Day and others. 

Director of Major Fundraisers: Alyssa Goddard
This director oversees Booster fundraisers including: Party Book, Fiesta, Silent Auction, and Olympics Spirit Day. The goal of this role is to ensure the financial success of these events while maintaining the enthusiasm and support of the community.

Director of Volunteers: Yasmin Yaghmai
This director oversees the process of recruiting parents for the various volunteer opportunities that come up during the school year. Responsibilities include educating parents on how to get involved, filling co-chair positions and supporting co-chairs in building their committees.