School Calendar
Click an event to add to your Google Calendar or see syncing directions for Smart Phones and other calendars below.

For a quick view of the year, you can see our Master Calendar at a Glance.

To sync with the Canyon Charter School Calendar on your Smart Phone or Computer scroll down for directions: 

To add to your iPhone/iPad Calendar, go to: 
To add to your Android Phone, go to:
If you use Google Calendar:
  • Add the Canyon calendar by going to "Other Calendars" in left hand column of your calendar, and paste this calendar address in the box:
  • Then you can view the calendar simultaneously with your own calendar. It won't add each event though, just let you view in parallel
  • You can add individual important Canyon events to your calendar by clicking once on the event  and then click on "copy to my calendar"  
  • This *should* add the calendar to your mobile phone/iPad/Tablet too if you've added Google Calendar to your mobile device as default calendar

View the Canyon Charter Parent Calendar