Canyon Kids

Hey kids check out these fun links selected just for you!

Mr. Veero's Science Guy Website!

Henry Anker        Tests Grades 1-5


Fun Fonix            K-2 

Math Play Ground   K-8


Envision Math

It's the LAUSD Kids Site!

It has much to offer your kids when they say they are bored- great games approved by the school, vacation resources and so much more.

Coming soon, other fun and interesting links for Canyon Kids.  If you have any ideas or would like to volunteer to help with this section of the site, please email us.

 MOMs-  Here are some great APPs from a fellow parent:

Just for Fun

ebooks for kids

Mom approved educational iPad Apps


In an effort to reduce Canyon’s carbon footprint, as well as traffic congestion, the “GREEN TENNIS SHOE AWARD” is back!  Starting, Friday, October 7th, 2011, and every Friday thereafter, the classroom with the highest percentage of kids who walked, biked, rode the bus, carpooled, or used some other form of “GREEN” transportation to get to school that day will receive the “GREEN TENNIS SHOE AWARD” for the week!!!