Teacher Adventure Winners

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the raffle for Teacher Adventures. We know you’re all dying to know who the lucky winners are, so without further ado…

Congratulations to:

Howard:                           Lucia Christensen, Emery June Martin and Huckleberry Gardner-Howard
Hamilburg:                       Lydia Kuhnert, Logan Cirulnick and Luke Montalba
Gorman:                           Chase Jacob, Matteo Pregerson and Gabe Smith

1st Grade
Riddle:                               Ava Salvator and Charlie Balatbat
Pfau:                                  Laith Thierry and Dahlia Scarpa
Lim:                                   Calia Tractenberg and Penelope Mihal

2nd Grade
Ikebe:                                 Erika Tontti and Katie Jeffers
Harris:                                Callie Cirulnick and Emma Hall
Lamb:                                 Audrey Smith and Gabrielle Tarashandegan

3rd Grade
Davis:                                 Cameron Ringer and Ben Eisen
Butts:                                 Oliver Lichstein and Willem Price
Huizar:                               Kai Dal Bello and Eleanor Deli

4th Grade
Cook:                                  Yasmin Anderson
Goldstein:                           Mina Hall and Zsa Zsa Jabban-Rukhin
TerVeer:                              Sofia Mahl and Sebastian Tontti

5th Grade
Stoll:                                   Nick Jeffers and Oliver Kydd
Watson:                              Cara Banks and Ansel Waisler

Velado (K):                        Huckleberry Gardner-Howard
Velado (1-2):                     Bailey Lopez
Velado (3-5):                     Sasha Yansen

Haskell:                            Yasmin Anderson

Veero:                              Rex Anderson, Jonas Friedman, Leila Landay and Baily Lopez

Sheard:                            Lizzie Hopper

Coach Joey:                    Eliza Tiles, Michael Goddard, Victor Lowe, Leo lucent, Nika Khalili, Erika Tontti, Ava Wolf, Ansel Waisler, Gabe Smith, Ava Salvator, Luna Landsman, Callie Cirulnick, Ava Wolf, Kai Dal Bello, Sebastian Tontti, Audrey Smith, Elijah Serra, Rex Anderson, Jacob Farag, and Madison Meade
Our lucky winners will be contacted by their teachers to make arrangements for their adventures. Hooray!