Digital Learning / Media Arts

Digital Learning/Media Arts Instructor: Carlos Velado

2x weekly, Kinder - 2nd Grades, all year
1x weekly, 3rd - 5th Grades, all year

The expectations of the Common Core State Standards include the full integration of technology into all standards. Technology is used to both learn and show what has been learned. Canyon Charter has invested in the future of our children by providing laptops (2-1) in all 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms. All grades (K-5) receive in-class computer instruction (via a traveling cart and classroom desktops) as well as the use of software programs that complement the teaching curriculum by grade level. All classrooms are equipped with a Smartboard to facilitate interactive learning and kindergartners and the Science Lab include (2-1) ipads. 

Mr. Velado's instruction focuses on research skills, presentation skills, iMovie, graphic arts, Google docs, and learning essential typing skills.

Our Canyon teachers participate in a variety of professional development courses designed to support the integration of technology into their classroom instruction.

Visit Carlos Velado’s Canyon Labs website to learn more about the resources available to Canyon Kids and Parents.



Updated information now available on the software programs your child uses at school and how you can access from home: 

Dreambox Learning



Each teacher uses these resources differently, some assign for homework, others make it optional. Parents can speak to their child's teacher to find out more information about their child's class. A bonus this year is the ability to use ST Math on a mobile tablet.