You can sponsor a share or entire item. No amount is too small. Let us know how much you’d like to contribute, and we will find the perfect sponsorship opportunity. Your family's name will be prominently displayed on a sign in front of the activity at Fiesta, and will be posted on our Gratitude Board in the Breezeway.

Sponsorship opportunities are on a first-come-first-served basis, and we have some really exciting new attractions this year.



Fiesta is such a special memory for our kids. Bouncing, sliding, crafting, eating, spinning, and so much more. But how does the whole day run smoothly VOLUNTEERS!

Shifts are short, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the day with your family. Tasks include helping kids with crafts, taking tickets and selling various items.

It’s a chance to take a load off, sit in the shade and have a LOT of fun while helping the machinery of the day keep turning.
Twelve volunteer shifts per class are needed to cover Fiesta and make it a safe and happy event. So please, grab a shift, have a blast and make your kids so very proud. Canyon Families make the magic.


Canyon Cuisine
Make a meal and freeze it, or bring it fresh, right before the big event. We will sell your creations at Fiesta to grateful parents who won’t need to cook at the end of the big day. Are you a  third-generation Lasagna Queen? Bring it on! Does everyone rave about your Beef Stroganoff? We’re in! Italian, California Cuisine, Asian Fusion, old family favorites… we love ‘em all!
TO DO: Look for the volunteers along the curb at morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up this entire week. They will be handing out food tins and these instructions. Tins are also available in the front office.
Chili Cook-Off
Your chili is legendary and your known for it far and wide? Enter the Fiesta Chili Cook-Off and score the blue ribbon! Spicy, mild, or vegetarian, they’re all welcome. The firefighters from Local 69 will be the judges. And while you’re at it…make a double batch and bring some to sell at the Canyon Cuisine booth.
TO DO: Just sign up with your Chili Entry, go forth and conquer!
Cake Decorating Contest
Food is art, after all, and we have an amazingly talented community of bakers and artists, big and small! Roll up your sleeves, or let the kids take the lead, and bring your tasty treat to the Cake Walk booth! Winners are awarded blue ribbons before their beautiful creations are given away as the Grand Prizes at the Cake Walk Contest booth! A huge fundraiser for Fiesta, this booth is such a destination!
TO DO: Look for the volunteers along the curb at morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up this week. They will be handing out cake boxes and instructions. Boxes are also available in the front office.


The popular Bring-A-Thing booth sells out by early afternoon at every Fiesta. Pick a number, and you get a box with guaranteed prizes, maybe even a surprise gift card.

Please help bring smiles by filling the Bring-A-Thing box that was sent home with your child with any mysterious treats you can imagine... stickers, Hot Wheels, craft supplies, gift cards, hair barrettes, small toys. 

Your child can even add their own personal flair by decorating the box!

Return your "thing" back to your classroom by Wednesday, April 6th

The class that brings in the most boxes will be the declared the "Bring-A-Thing" champions and win a class popsicle party.

Extra boxes are located in the office and inside each classroom.


 Fiesta Portrait Studio by Renowned Photographer


DO NOT PASS UP this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have this amazing and renowned artist photograph your child and capture this fleeting moment in time. They change so fast! To see some of Keith’s GORGEOUS work, go to photographer and generous Canyon dad KEITH KING has agreed to host a unique and special FIVE MINUTE PORTRAIT STUDIO at Fiesta.

$65.00 per five minute session, for one child, siblings or a family portrait.