Edible Garden Program & Native Garden Plantings


Gardening Instructors:
Sean Mickey, Tony Guma and Jerry Deli, all Canyon dads, known as the "Garden Guys".

1x week, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades
2x month, Kindergarten

Thanks to our dedicated and generous Canyon dads Sean, Tony and Jerry, known as our "Garden Guys", our Kinder, 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders are learning about good food, how to grow it well, and how to enjoy eating it.

A favorite lesson from last year taught about the garden gem, green beans, followed by a delicious homemade pasta with fresh pesto from the garden’s basil and green beans. It was incredible to watch the students’ palates grow more sophisticated as the school year progressed. They certainly became more adventurous eaters when they actively participated in the foods' growth and harvesting.

Help Build the Edible Garden Curriculum
To help build the Garden Guys' curriculum, there are materials needed for this year's program.

Recently, Whole Foods has dropped their monthly donation to Canyon, which has been the Garden Guys' go-to source for the fresh food and paper products used in preparation of healthy kid-grown-and-made food.

We are thankful for the support Whole Foods has shown the program, but now the guys are short on grocery money. 

Want to Help the Garden Guys?
Next time you're in the checkout line, please consider buying a Whole Foods gift card, and drop it in the cash box in the Parent Center. We'll know what it’s for. 

Or next time you buy anything on Amazon, add a Whole Foods gift card to your order.

Garden Guys' Wishlist
Check out the Garden Guys Wish List to see this option.

Check the list periodically to keep the program stocked with essential materials. A huge thank you to all who have supported this wonderful program. 

Follow the Garden Guys' Blog
For more information about what’s happening in the garden, check out their blog

Expand the Program
The Garden Guys are hoping to expand the program to all grades in the next couple of years. If you’re an interested parent and want to help grow the program, the team would be thrilled to include you.

Email anytime at gardening@canyoncharter.com.


Thanks to the help of Canyon Booster Club and the Palisades Garden Club, volunteers at Canyon Charter School have been able to transform the front garden into a wonderland of drought tolerant native California plants. From Penstemon to Canyon Snow Iris, with lots of colorful poppies added to the mix, the once-neglected garden is brimming with life. It also includes six varieties of ceanothus, and milkweed, the favorite home of Monarch butterflies and their caterpillars.   

This garden is a living laboratory for Canyon's students to explore and protect the plants and wildlife of the watershed ecosystem. 


Check out our awesome video about Canyon's contribution to water conservation in one of our Kinder classrooms.

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