Governing Council

Canyon School is administered by the Governing Council, the school's decision-making body, which is made up of teachers, parents and guardians, administrators, and other staff. The Governing Council makes decisions on every new program or activity at the school.

The members of the 2015-16 Governing Council are:

Teacher Representatives:

  • Tamara Gorman - Co-chair (co-chair with Julie Silliman)
  • Susan Hamilburg
  • Mona Huizar
  • Akimi Watson
  • Barbara Blake (classified staff)
  • Nicole Sheard (administrator)
  • Kellie Howard - alternate
  • Sherry Ikebe - alternate

Parent Representatives:

  • Julie Silliman
  • Sean Mickey
  • Inbal Gonen
  • Karen Lucente
  • Dustin Hall

The Governing Council meets once a month on Thursdays at 2PM (see the website calendar for exact dates) and all parents and guardians are welcome. Each meeting includes Principal Sheard's monthly report, reports from each of the Governing Council Committees (which meet one week prior to the Governing Council), and a brief forum for the introduction of new business.

The Governing Council encourages parents and guardians to participate and learn more about how Canyon works, and also to lend their voices to the decision-making process.

To contact a parent representative about concerns or ideas you wish to make known to the council, email or contact one of the parent representatives directly. 

All parents and guardians are eligible to run for an elected position on the Governing Council. Elections are held in May.

If you are a parent or guardian of a student currently enrolled in Canyon, please visit the Governing Council pages for more detailed information about the Governing Council, the Governing Council committees, and the election process.