Olympics Day

Olympics Day is one of the most memorable events for the children of Canyon. It's the only event that the children run. Literally. Olympics Day is a chance for everyone - from the most athletic, to the most cerebral, from the very social to the very timid - to achieve great things together. 

Olympics Day is a remarkable fundraiser where our kids work together in competitive and entertaining ways to raise money for their school.


Pay your pledges via check made out to Canyon Charter School Booster Club, or pay in the Canyon Store

You know when the morning  kicks off with a motivational speech by Sugar Ray Leonard, you're off to an historic start. What a man, what a day, and what a community.

With all the craziness of this political season, it's nice to see our families come together and yes, RUN AS ONE. We truly showed our support for our children, and all their hard work towards making their school a better place. 
We have all shown once again what an astounding school and student body we have. 

We are indeed fortunate to have been touched by the legendary gentleman Sugar Ray Leonard. His message of integrity and perseverance, "fighting the fight" to be the best person you can be, has most certainly made an impact on our children. In addition to his amazing speech, we extend a huge note of gratitude to Mr. Leonard for the many photos he took, the endless t-shirts he signed, and the autographed boxing gloves he kindly donated to this year's upcoming spring Auction. 

A beautiful man through and through. Thank you to the parents, teachers and staff for welcoming Mr. Leonard to our school. Should you care to reciprocate his generosity, you may join his fight to combat juvenile diabetes.

It certainly takes a village to pull off this event. There are so many people we need to thank:

Ellie Laita: It wouldn’t be Canyon Olympics without the incredible Ellie. Her boundless energy and deep commitment to educating young kids with love, support and humor is unparalleled. Thank you Ellie for your unwavering support. We love you!

Michael Gatto: Congratulations on your wonderful performance of the National Anthem. You brought down the house with that insane electric guitar solo. Simply amazing Michael.

Fabulous Field Marking Crew:
Maryam Anderson, Simon Anderson, Fida Attieh, Mike Badt, Wanton Davis, Leslie Dubuque Williams, Dustin Hall, Brin Hill, Christy Lowe, Chris Moore, Loren Montgomery, Susie Turner, and Staci Woo. Thank your for your enviable stamina and constant encouragement with the runners. You guys ran a tight ship that kept the races going and the runners safe and happy. Thank you!

The Incredible Tally and Pledge Crew: Yvette Carpenter, Elise Edwards, Ruchira Garg, Laurie Mihal, Mahtab Moayedi, Ashley Vilgiate, and of course Canyon Treasurer Kikka Kanazawa. Without you all we’d be a wreck. Thank your for your precision and diligence.

Fida Attieh: Fellow 5th grade mom who has designed, organized and supervised the production of our official Olympics Day t-shirts, water bottles and headband for the last 4 years. No easy task for 450+ students, teachers and staff. Fida you have done it flawless and your expertise was so appreciated.  You will be missed next year. Thank you, thank you!

Staci Woo: What?!?!? The Olympics Canyon Gear is insane! Your love and attention to detail is evident in each product you and Mike Badt created. Sugar Ray looked amazing and the fact that you were up sewing until 4am Thursday is evident. 
NOTE: For a very short time, the bespoke Canyon Olympic's Day gear will be available for ordering. Order now before supplies run out.

Sandy Blend & Bonnie Lehrhoff: Thank you both for your fabulous graphic designs and help with our logo, handbooks and t-shirts. Everything looked amazing thanks to you and your beautiful work. 

Heidi Brecker & Ashley Vilgiante: For your amazing decorations. The new posters and school decorations looked phenomenal. The Olympics Day diorama in the Front Office is unreal. If you haven't seen it yet, go take a look. It's off the hook.

The numerous parent volunteers:  Steve Gatto, Amy Montalba, Rachel Dworkin, Victoria Schriver, Andrew Vick (at 7am!), Lara Hasselhoff, Heather Severs, LaReine Chabut, Wendy Butts, Sarah Rapson, Tisha Bennett, Rennee Berghoff, Tamar Malley, Jean Schoenberg, Brian Recor, Kerry Kane, Bethany Harris, Thuy Bui, Erin Gregson-Williams, Paula Barenfeld, Chevonne Silverman, Miranda Farag, Ilene Lisak, Lisa Wolfberg, Kim DiMarco, Lauren Ehrenfeld, Sonya Kalepari, John Steel, Kari Richardson, Gweneth Rehnborg, Bryan Moore, Loren Levine, Lauren Shuster, Shirley Elmaleh, Neda Ghadoushi, Patti Reiss, Mina Neuberg, Amy Frazier, Julie Rasgon, Kevyn Wynn, Kristen Minardos & Orly Elyashar. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Without volunteering your time we have no Olympics Day. 

Allie Torgan: Our amazing photographer for the entire day! Thank you for capturing the event so beautifully. All of Allie's photos and many more can be seen and downloaded from our Flikr photo album.

Booster Club Leadership: Morina Lichstein, Beth Price, Alyssa Goddard, Julie Rasgon, Yasmin Yagmai Homayounfar, Kikka Kanazawa and Elissa Robins for jumping in when needed and helping things run smoothly. You already do so much for the school and went above and beyond for Olympics Day. Thank you!

Much gratitude to our administration and staff: A huge thank you to all those that went the extra mile: Coach Joey, Darrion, Tristan, Carlos and Lily, Luz and Margarita.

And in particular we need to all thank Ms. Barbara for allowing us to take over the library, Jackie for being so outstanding in the front office, Greg for all his hard work during prep and clean up, and of course Principal Sheard for her 100% dedication and support of Olympics Day.

We also owe all of our fabulous teachers a huge thank you for supporting Olympics Day, and allowing this wonderful event to take place each year.

Eternal Gratitude for our kind and generous Olympics Day Corporate Sponsors.
Cindy Ambuehl at The Agency
Coldwell Banker, Lei Anderson
VPL Luxury Activewear
Iverbe Sports Camp
Helen’s Cycles
Sandy Days Kids Camp

Dan the Man SuperKids Gymnastics
Tiki Momma Hawaiian Shave Ice

Without our wonderful sponsors we would not be able to have our t-shirts, water bottles, headbands, popsicles and medals. To those kind families that helped underwrite our costs, thank you. We truly appreciate your generous support.
- Blend
- Brecker
- DeShield
- Factor
- Gooding
- Hall
- Hancock
- Hill
- Martin
- Nilsson
- Pickart
- Roberts
- Salvator
- Schriver
- Silverman
- Tractenberg
- Vilgiate
- Weinberg
- Weingroff

And last but not least, our incredible Olympics Day Committee: Fida Attieh, Heidi Brecker, Sean Brecker, Tami Lester, Celeste Iuul, Tim McElwee, Consuelo Nores, Rose Okumoto, Natalia Serra, Susie Turner, Ashley Vilgiante, and Leslie Dubuque Williams! What a crew and what an accomplishment. You all made this happen and should be proud you pulled off another successful Canyon Olympics Day. 

The entire community is forever indebted to you all! Thank you again for all those that have supported our student athletes.

Have more photos to add to the album? Send them to Elissa Robins.

Fall 2016 Olympics Day

We will complete the tallies and send home this week a summary of your pledges and the funds owed. You may pay via check made out to Canyon Charter School Booster Club, or pay in the Canyon Store. Much appreciation to all parents and guardians that came out to wave their flags and cheer on all the runners. It really was a special day.

Thank you Canyon for making my last Olympics Day at Canyon a truly special one. Our Wrap Rally and Awards Ceremony is Friday, December 2nd at 8:15. See you then.

Much Gratitude,
Megan Carlson
Chair Canyon Olympics Day Fall 2016