Signup Genius

In order to facilitate greater parent participation in school wide and class specific activities, Canyon will use the site for most sign-ups where applicable.   The goal is to eliminate paper sign-ups in the classrooms.

Your first step will be to create an account for yourself at  Please use your email that you want parents to respond to and add your room number after your last name- e.g.: Kate Brooks Room 17-  This way, email going to your parents will show it's school related.

Then create a group on your profile of all your parents.  You can copy all the emails from the excel spreadsheet we provided you of your class and paste in the group.  eg. Group name = Room 2 Parents.

Once set up you are ready to create a sign-up.  At first you may not want to publish it right away as this gives you time to edit.  Once you publish it, the site will send the emails out to your parents and you just monitor it.  You can send follow-up emails if necessary and also send out reminders closer to the given event.

If you have any questions please check with Beth Waisler.  She'll be your point person for online sign-ups.