Online Party Book Catalog

What is Party Book?

Party Book is a list of fabulous parties that will be hosted by Canyon families through- out the school year. 

The parties all have a basic theme. It might be a riotous game night; a feast of inter- national cuisine; a night of cocktails for moms; or a cooking class or dance-off. There are many different types of kids' parties and adventures as well. 

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Parties are happening every week, all school year long. If there are spaces available, you can purchase your place at any of these parties collected in the Party Book Catalog.

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All proceeds from the sale of party tickets will go directly to Canyon Booster Club to fund our wonderful programs.

What are the Rules of Party Book?
Visit our Party Book Policies to learn more.

How to Donate to Party Book
You can still donate your own Party Book Party by entering your event details online.

Keep in mind that all costs associated with hosting a Party Book event are the responsibility of the host.

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