Booster Club Board Members

The 2022-2023 Booster Club is comprised of all parent/guardians and the following board members whose job it is to ensure that the funds will be raised to support the mission of the school charter as well as fostering a sense of community among the parent body. This slate was unanimously approved on 6/3/2022.


President: Elissa Phillips


President-Elect: Alisa Rodman


Secretary: Natalie Fisher


Treasurer: Curtis Abramson


Annual Giving Co-Chairs: Alisa Rodman & Claire Martin


Booster Club Committee Chairs


Communications: Alisa Rodman & Alix Bearman


Canyon Experience: Leslie Gladston & Delaine Martin


Major Fundraisers:  Michele Vanger 


Community Events: Melissa Bruno & Alisa Rodman


Volunteers: Michele Vanger


Family Sponsorship: Marla Toplitzky


Corporate Partnerships:  Rebecca Pople-Williams & Hayley Feldman


Operations:  Amanda Rosen-Prinz