Terms of Use

Canyon Booster Club has provided a suite of parent services through its Canyon website for the benefit of the Canyon community. Services exclusive to the Canyon community are protected by Canyon Login and require a username and password. These services and expected behavior are outlined below.

Parents & Students Directory

Parents and Student information listed in the Canyon Directory is available to Canyon families, pursuant to privacy settings chosen by individual Parents participants. Data in the Parents directory may include, as determined by Parents participants: contact information and map information (see below). Privacy preferences are applied to all Parents directory searches to enable Parents to choose the level of detail they wish to share with fellow Parents. This directory is intended to facilitate inter-Parents communication, as well as communication between the School and its Parents. Use beyond this stated purpose, whether commercial in nature or otherwise, (including sale, solicitation, promotion, market research, surveying, etc.) of information obtained from the Parents directory is prohibited.


Maps may be generated within the Parents directory using Google Maps. These maps honor the privacy preferences selected by Parents participants. For example, Parents who have selected to share only a portion of an address will still be displayed on the map, however, the exact location will not be discernible.


Parents use of the new map feature is also subject to Google's Terms of service and Google's policy on Privacy.

Chronicle Newsletter Service

Chronicle newsletters has been provided to facilitate Parents-to-Parents communication, as well as communication between the School and its Parents. Parents are able to opt-out of and opt-into subscription of newsletter via links provided on each Chronicle email at bottom through email subscription preferences.


The use of Chronicle newsletter is intended for Canyon family use only.