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BEYOND THE BELL - Yard Supervisor


Supervises an enrichment or recreation program or programs on an out-of-school program school site and may monitor civic center activities in other school facilities.


Supervises, organizes, schedules, promotes, conducts, and participates in enrichment and/or recreation activities for all age groups at an out-of-school program school site. Maintains order on the playground and/or in classrooms, checking to see that District regulations are being observed. Orders, issues, makes minor repairs to, and supervises the use of enrichment and recreation supplies and equipment. Maintains attendance and budget records according to grant funding terms and conditions. Inspects grounds and equipment for safety and proper maintenance, and ensures safe and appropriate use. Participates in developing community interest in enrichment and/or recreation activities and resolves complaints by students, parents, and the public. Administers first aid in case of minor injury. May monitor civic center activities in school facilities. Performs related duties as assigned.


An Out-of-School Program Supervisor directs the enrichment and/or recreation activities at an out of-school program school site. An Out-of-School Senior Program Supervisor directs the enrichment and/or recreation activities on a large out-of-school program school site where special community and disciplinary problems exist. An Out-of-School Traveling Program Supervisor supervises day-to-day implementation of enrichment and/or recreation programs at educational complexes or elementary or secondary schools within a region. An Out-of-School Program Worker assists an Out-of-School Program Supervisor or Senior Out-of-School Program Supervisor in conducting enrichment and/or recreational activities at an out-of-school program school site.


General supervision is received from an Out-of-School Program Traveling Supervisor. Supervision is exercised over Out-of-School Program Workers.


Knowledge of: Techniques of initiating, teaching, and conducting enrichment and recreation activities such as sports, games, handicrafts, dramatics, and music Safety rules and regulations pertaining to enrichment and recreation equipment, supplies and activities Proper maintenance and repair of enrichment and recreation equipment and supplies Standard first-aid techniques Youth Development Principles Ability to: Organize and effectively supervise out-of-school programs Handle community and disciplinary problems with tact and exercise good judgment in emergency situations.


Experience: Out-of-School Program Supervisor: Three months of experience in conducting enrichment and recreation activities. Out-of-School Senior Program Supervisor: Six months of experience in conducting enrichment and recreation activities. Special: A First-Aid Certificate issued by the American Heart Association or American Red Cross must be obtained within 60 days after employment begins and must be kept valid during the term of employment. A valid California Driver License may be required for some positions.




Canyon Charter School located in Santa Monica is looking for experienced paraprofessionals or those who are seeking a degree in education. 


An Instructional Aide at Canyon assists one or more teachers by performing the following duties:

-preparation of materials and lessons

-work with students one on one or in small groups

-maintain a clean and positive classroom environment

-assist with classroom management

-provide supervision of students on the playground

-assist students with conflict resolution strategies 

-assist with clerical work including putting up bulletin boards, grading papers, copying and filing

-preparing materials for art or other hands-on activities

-provide intervention support to students in need


Candidates must be able to commit to the entire school year: August 13, 2021 through June 10, 2022 with option to continue the following school year. Work hours are 8:30am-1:00pm with a 40 minute unpaid lunch break (3.75 hours paid per day). Pay is approx. $16 per hour. 


Please only apply if you have experience with children and/or are pursuing a degree in education.

Please send resume to: employment@canyoncharter.com