5th Grade Spirit Series

Spirit Series Instruction: Spirit Series Organization teachers



Weekly, for approximately 12 sessions, 3-4 weeks in the spring. Dates to be announced.


A breakthrough drama based literacy and values initiative built around inspiring, one-act historical biographies that 5th grade students study, co-write, stage and perform.


Everyone loves a good story.


Since the beginning of time, humankind has harnessed the profound power of storytelling to create meaning and instill values. Spirit Series stands proudly in that tradition, preparing students for adulthood as well as standardized tests, teaching wisdom as well as knowledge.


By immersing themselves in the struggles and triumphs of inspirational lives from the past, participating students strive for academic excellence as they initiate their self-journey, create a positive vision for themselves and begin to become their own heroes.


Performance dates to be announced.


Learn more about Spirit Series here.