Student Drop-off and Pick-Up at Canyon


The flow of traffic around Canyon Charter Elementary at both drop-off and pick-up is CLOCKWISE, and the entry point to that clock is East Channel Road.



Parent volunteers are stationed at several zones to help children get out of vehicles during morning drop-off. Please drop children only in their assigned zones. Kindergarten drop off is in front of the kindergarten building. 1st-5th grade is at the Library Gate. Do not park and get out of your vehicle at any time. This brings the flow of all traffic behind you to a complete stop and is a safety hazard.




The pick-up line begins to the right of the Library Gate on Amalfi and extends down East Channel Road. Do not block the crosswalk on Amalfi Drive. Wait on East Channel until your car reaches the Library Gate where your children will be escorted to your car.


If you are coming down Amalfi Drive and turning left and the pickup line already extends down East Channel Road, you must circle the school and join the line on East Channel Road. Vehicles will not be allowed to merge into the pick-up line ahead of drivers who have been waiting patiently on East Channel Road. This is for the safety of our students and the parent volunteers who are maintaining the flow of traffic from three directions on a public street.


The best way to avoid having to circle is to arrive early or to legally park further down Entrada or on Mesa Road and walk to the school.


The area to the immediate left of the Library Gate is a Red Zone. There is no parking in that Red Zone. Vehicles parked in that Red Zone reduce Amalfi to a one-lane road, creating a safety hazard that constricts the flow of traffic and blocks emergency vehicles. Where Amalfi curves toward Entrada there are legal parking spaces.


Kindergarten Pick-up

There is no parking in front of Kindergarten at pick-up. This brings the flow of all traffic to a complete stop and is a safety hazard. Legally park further down Entrada or on Mesa Road and walk to Kindergarten or arrange with your child’s teacher to have them brought to the library gate if you are also picking up a sibling.