After School Programs: STAR & Beyond the Bell

STAR Education at Canyon

Canyon offers after school childcare and special NOVA enrichment services through STAR Inc. These services include after school childcare (known as the STAR Galaxy program), NOVA Enrichment classes, and an after school Spanish language immersion program. There is a fee for STAR.


For more information, visit the STAR website.


Contact STAR at Canyon:

Lily Moreira-Velado

Canyon Site Director



If your 2nd-5th grade child is NOT registered for STAR after school, please fill out the Beyond the Bell Youth Services Authorization Form (2nd - 5th grade only).

School Grounds

Students in Grades 2- 5 may remain on the school grounds for after-school supervised play until 6:00 p.m. If the supervisor is absent, we will attempt to get a substitute. If a substitute can't be found, the playground will close at dismissal time. Kindergarten and first-grade students must leave the school grounds at dismissal time, unless they are enrolled in the STAR after-school program.


Arrange to pick up your second through fifth graders before 6:00pm, as there is no supervision after that time. If you need to communicate with your child about changing the pickup procedure, please notify the office before 2:00pm. The office closes at 4:30pm.


The after school supervised playground is provided by the Los Angeles Unified School District as part of the community's recreational facilities. The program is designed to let students participate in organized games and activities. Children participating in the program must obey the rules and regulations of the school and those established by the after-school playground director and have an After-School Emergency Permission Slip on file (see below).


The after-school program is not a childcare facility and on occasion it may be closed without prior notice. In this event, we will attempt to notify the children before the end of the school day and allow them to use the telephone to contact you. If your child participates in after-school supervised play, please make sure you pre-arrange with your child the location and babysitting plan for him/her, should the schoolyard be closed.


On occasion, a child may neglect to get consent from his/her parents before going to another child's home to play after school. If a child comes home with your son/daughter without the knowledge of the parent/guardian, please notify the school office or the caregivers immediately, as they may be trying to locate him/her. Please tell your child not to go to another child's house unless you have made prior arrangements with that child's parents.


All caregivers must come through the locked gate near the library for after school pickups more than 20 minutes after the dismissal bell. This gate has a security code. Please ask your teacher or office administrator for this code.