Physical Education

Physical Education Instructor: Skai Thompson


Frequency: 2x week, TK/Kinder - 5th Grades, all year


The purpose of the Physical Education Department is to instill the vitally important concepts of an active lifestyle. The program is designed according to state guidelines to enhance a child’s mastering of fundamental movement skills at a young age. This foundation facilitates further motor skill acquisition and provides the students an increased capacity for a lifetime of enjoyable physically active experiences. In fact, the California State Board of Education states “the patterns of physical activity acquired during childhood and adolescence are likely to be maintained throughout one’s life span, providing physical, mental, and social benefits.”


To meet the standards set forth by the district, all classes participate in P.E. two times per week. The Kindergartners have 30‐minute sessions while all other grades have 45‐minute sessions.


Classes start by warming up in order to prepare their bodies for the upcoming activities. After stretching, the class transitions to a short fitness period consisting of aerobic and strength training. Primary grades focus on skill acquisition and movement development while upper grades focus more on particular sports units. Each program has a unique emphasis on coordination development through work on balance, rhythm, movement adequacy, synchronization of movement, kinesthetic differentiation, and spatial awareness. There are sensitive periods of Central Nervous System development that suggest it is imperative, during the formative years of growth, that youngsters be introduced to all sorts of stimulus that fuel improvements to the above elements of coordination. The fifth grade is also getting prepared for the statewide Fitness Gram test that is administered in the Spring.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to find Coach Thompson on the playground.


If you are interested in reading what the State Standards are for PE take a look.