Parent Education


Please join us for a special talk with Julia Storm on 11/6/2023 at 6pm in the auditorium.


Canyon Welcomes Back Julia Storm on November 6th at 6:00PM for a special parent education session.

Julia Storm is a Los Angeles-based Digital Media Wellness educator, writer, public speaker and the founder of ReConnect. As a mom of two, Julia knows first hand how challenging it can be to raise kids in the digital age. With compassion, wisdom and wit, Julia guides parents through the daunting task of raising healthy, mindful kids in a world that is over saturated with technology. Prior to launching ReConnect, Julia served as Director of Production for The Mother Company where she helped produce award-winning content for Netflix, Amazon, PBS and more. Julia holds a BA from Princeton University and a Masters from UCLA School of Film, TV & Digital Media. She is a recurring guest on the KTLA Morning News where she talks all things screens, kids and parenting!

Helping kids navigate the world of smartphones, social media, and the vastness of the online world is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Time and again, parents site struggles with kids over screen time as the number one cause of tension and stress in the family. But it’s not just parents who are struggling. Schools, youth groups, religious organizations and camps contend with the effects of device use on the larger community on a daily basis. Teachers, therapists and community leaders who have been working with kids for many years report troubling trends in overall behavior; sighting higher levels of distraction, anxiety, and peer drama, coupled with lower overall sense of empathy and social/emotional resilience. With the proper guidance kids can and will do amazingly exciting things in the online world - socially, politically and creatively. Let’s offer them the tools and support that they need to get there.

Whether speaking at a school, a corporate headquarters, or a local non profit Julia’s speaking engagements inspire, educate and engage parents in a thoughtful dialog about the struggles of raising kids in the digital age.

Julia’s presentations are filled with humor and pathos providing real world analytics with actionable tools that can be implemented immediately to get families back on track towards a healthy relationship with technology.


●Screen time management

●Finding age-appropriate content

●Helping develop healthy device usehabits

●Online safety tips

●Managing withdrawal tantrums

●Siblings with different needs