Doug Stoll

When I left the film and television production community years ago and decided to become a teacher, I was somewhat unsure but determined to give it my most heartfelt effort.  And, I have no regrets. As a matter of fact I never did.  I love seeing the kids running around like bees in the morning and I love being in the classroom.  I feel fortunate to be amidst a fine staff of professionals and active families that make Canyon a well-respected school and a stimulating place to work.


My family is my fuel and they cost way more than $4.45 a gallon!  My daughter Julia is a fantastic kid, a graduate of Boston University already, working hard, making friends and getting ready to make a difference in her own way.  My wife Patty continues to perform magic assisting many organizations protecting animals and their habitats. You are more likely to find her banging on legislator's doors in Sacramento, or rattling cages on the streets of Los Angeles catching strays than to find her at home.  How she also manages to run her real estate investment firm is another mystery.  I have many reasons to be proud of them and they make me a lucky guy. I hope the staff and all Canyon families have a productive and active school year!