LAUSD School Mental Health (SMH) professionals promote the mental health, well-being, and academic achievement of all LAUSD students.


Parents and staff can work together to improve student’s mental health and promote academic success. Just as it is important to secure the physical health of your child it is also important to prioritize their mental health needs. Parents and families can strengthen mental health in the home environment to improve their child’s ability to bounce back from stressful situations.


SMH professionals support positive student connections with peers, family, school, and community by facilitating student development and the ability to successfully deal with problems, crises, or traumatic experiences. Furthermore, SMH professionals foster resiliency - the ability to bounce back from challenges with a stronger sense of self-confidence and coping capacity - by promoting healthy relationships, self-reflection, and problem-solving skills to optimize school success.


SMH offers a range of mental health services that provide effective treatments and supports to help children, youth and families become better equipped to thrive and live successfully.  Services are rendered at schools, clinics, Wellness Centers and through various programs in LAUSD. 
LAUSD SMH services are available at no cost to families. SMH is Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health certified to provide mental health services. Clinics and Wellness Centers are staffed by licensed child psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, psychiatric social workers, and clinical psychologists.